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Congratulations to this year's art class ribbon winners!

Cayden - Judges Choice
Jenna - 1st place ribbon
Jackson -2nd place ribbon
Colton - 3rd place ribbon

1st Grade
Carter - Judges Choice
Emily- 1st place ribbon
Yolanda -2nd place ribbon
Annabelle - 3rd place ribbon

2nd Grade
Shane - Judges Choice
Peyton -1st place ribbon
Julia -2nd place ribbon
Marissa - 3rd place ribbon

3rd Grade
Madison - Judges Choice
Claire -1st place ribbon
Layla -2nd place ribbon
Bailey - 3rd place ribbon

4th Grade
Whitney - Judges Choice
Julia -1st place ribbon
Avery -2nd place ribbon
Hannah - 3rd place ribbon

5th Grade
Lily - Judges Choice
Mason - 1st place ribbon
Hailey -2nd place ribbon
Lisa - 3rd place ribbon

6th Grade
Kaylee - Judges Choice
Anna - 1st place ribbon
Jadyn -2nd place ribbon
Robert - 3rd place ribbon

7th Grade
Luke - Judges Choice
Declan - 1st place ribbon
Emily -2nd place ribbon
Alicia - 3rd place ribbon

Sadie - Judges Choice
Melissa -1st place ribbon
Lauren -2nd place ribbon
Hailey - 3rd place ribbon

10th Grade
Rachel - Judges Choice
Breonna-1st place ribbon blue
Willow -2nd place ribbon
Garrett - 3rd place ribbon

Congratulations to this year's Science project ribbon winners! 

Judges Coice
Salem for grades 9-11
Thomas for grades 7-8
Carter for grades 4-6

Kasey-1st place
Alex-2nd place
Josh-3rd place

Maykala - 1st place
Erin - 2nd place
Willow - 3rd place

Savannah - 1st place
Jonathan - 2nd place
Kaylie - 3rd place

Hailey - 1st place
Sam - 2nd place
Wilson - 3rd place

Annie - 1st place
Emily - 2nd place
Luke - 3rd place

Jayden - 1st place
Noah - 2nd place
Anna - 3rd place

Ethan - 1st place
Avery - 2nd place
Ethan - 3rd place

Noah - 1st place
Donovan - 2nd place
Hannah - 3rd place

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Come learn about science, music, and art from our students. We will have science projects and art on display, as well as special musical performances. The science club will even have learning stations where little ones can do their own experiment, design a high rise, particpate in computer interactives, and become their very own "work of art." Light refreshments will also be provided.

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