Are You Ready to Make Your Mark?

As we welcome our very first senior class, we are challenged to not only excel academically, but to make a difference in the world by soaring spiritually. Together, we can strive to allow God to have the control of our attitude, decisions, and burdens; then individually we will become better, stronger believers. It is time for us rise up and become the leaders we were created to be--to “Make Our Mark” in this world!

Jeff Steir suggests that just a few minutes with God goes a long way. “If you want to make a mark on your campus, God’s Word must leave its mark on you.”

This book was written by God through the pens of forty men over the period of about 1,500 years. It has no mistakes. It is filled with powerful truths and practical insights to help you make your mark. But remember—before you can make a mark on your campus, the Bible must first leave its mark on you.

Here’s how you can make sure God’s Word makes its M.A.R.K. on you:

How many verses of Scripture do you have memorized? The more the better. Memorized Scripture helps you think like Jesus. It enables you to fight Satan with God’s truth. It encourages you when you’re down and sustains you when you’re up.

We need “Nike” Christians who “Just Do It!” As the Chinese proverb goes: “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.” As the Biblical proverb (James 1:22) goes: “Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves, do what it says.”

Read the Bible. Read it consistently. It’s not an irrelevant encyclopedia of absolute spiritual truth—it’s a love letter from your Father in heaven! Read it like a love letter. Pour over it. Mull it over. Devour it until it devours you. My rule of thumb is called “read until impact.” In other words, I read until something impacts me personally. Try it!

Drop to your knees before reading your Bible (and when you get to hard to understand passages) and ask God for help. Within you is a portable tutor called the Holy Spirit who is ready, willing, and able to help you understand and apply God’s Word. M.A.R.K. your Bible, then MAKE YOUR MARK!


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